What is chainmaille?

It is a type of body armour, which we believe was invented before the 5th century by the ancient Celts and was used by men-at-arms on the battlefield. The rings were usually made from iron or steel and joined or riveted together to form a mesh to protect them from being cut by blades and pierced by swords etc. The weave is referred to as European 4 in 1, as each ring is linked by four other rings.

Chainmaille is still worn today, in the form of protective gloves for butchers, suits to defend divers from shark bites, plus it is used extensively in re-enactment, theatre, films and TV. Some examples can be see here https://collections.royalarmouries.org/object/rac-object-1675.html

What is gold-filled?

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What does a hallmark look like and why is it important?

Our jewellery weighing over 7.78 grams is tested for authenticity and hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office and is your guarantee that it is genuine sterling silver. Our gold fill is also tested and stamped as ‘metal’. Further information can be found by viewing our dealers notice.

Do you have Clip-on earrings

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